Our clinic provides both traditional and classical Chinese medical treatments.

Quiet Peaceful Healing – Acupuncture Clinic In Cape Coral, Florida

Quiet Peaceful Healing – Acupuncture Clinic In Cape Coral, Florida

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Our Acupuncture Services
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Quiet Peaceful Healing – Acupuncture Clinic In Cape Coral, Florida

Our Acupuncture Services
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Meet Dr. Wing!

Doctor Wing’s passion for oriental medicine and the desire to continue improving patient health has led him to not only expand and evolve his practice.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM is a pre-scientific paradigm of medicine that was developed over thousands of years.

Acupuncture Injection Therapy

AIT injects a small amount of vitamin B-12 & medical/botanical substances into acupuncture points.

Zang Systems & Balance

Zang systems are associated with the solid yin organs, while the fu systems are associated with the hollow yang organs.

Serving All of Southwest Florida

Traditional & Classical Chinese Medicine in Cape Coral, Florida

Treating the whole being, our acupuncture clinic in Cape Coral, Florida, incorporates traditional and classical Chinese medicine. As we know it, Chinese medicine developed from those 2 primary sources.

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“I was always in pain in my lower back. My wife convinced to see Dr. Wing and I felt relief on the first visit. I’ve been back many times and my back is so much better. Most days I have no pain but when I do it’s a fraction of the past. I’m an acupuncture believer for sure. Thank You Dr. Wing”
Greg S, Cape Coral, FL
“I met Dr. Wing through a Groupon I purchased. I was very nervous at my initial call to schedule but really needed to try SOMETHING other than medications for my migraines which I was suffering through several times a month. Dr. Wing was very kind and patient with me which put me at ease with the acupuncture procedure. With Dr. Wing and his acupuncture techniques, I can say that I’ve moved off of medications to acupuncture, breathing techniques and some “Chinese headache BBs” which Dr. Wing allowed me to try during my most painful times. I’m very happy with his services and would encourage anyone else experiencing aches and pains to seek Dr. Wing’s treatments!.”
Jill Ramirez, Groupon Purchase
“Dr. Wing is a wonderful doctor. I saw him for a pinched nerve in my shoulder. My first visit made a huge difference right away. It was an amazing experience. After 2 more visits I was cured. He is very considerate and will answer any questions. I was so impressed as well as my husband was impressed, he is actually going to him and that is HUGE! I have shared my story with many. I am just so happy with the outcome. And I have learned a lot about acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I thank you very much Dr. Wing.”
Daryl Ann Lemon, Pinched nerve in my shoulder

“Doctor Randy is a real pleasure to deal with. I was very skeptical of Acupuncture and not real fond of needles. He is really helping me with my nerve damage I have from a bout with shingles from 10 years ago. I have to take medication daily for the rest of my life and he has made a dramatic improvement in my pain. He also is working on the pain in my neck, from a work accident from many years ago. I find it amazing that with 2 little needles placed in my hand area he almost completely eliminated my pain. He is like a real good friend. ”

Ron Farr, I was very skeptical of Acupuncture
“New to area and was looking for acupunture and was lucky enough to find Dr Wing i can only figure it was fate. i had problem with my sciatica on my first visit i got a lot of releaf for that and found i could raise my arms over my shoulders for the first time in over a year. when i went to ride my bike i found i was able to turn my head further then i cant remember when. i can only say if you get half as much relief as i did you would be very happy”
Gary Schwartz, New to the area