“I was always in pain in my lower back. My wife convinced to see Dr. Wing and I felt relief on the first visit. I’ve been back many times and my back is so much better. Most days I have no pain but when I do it’s a fraction of the past. I’m an acupuncture believer for sure. Thank You Dr. Wing”
Greg S

“Dr. Wing is amazing!! I was in pain daily for 6 months. I had been to 3 different MD’s and no one could figure out what was wrong…After just one treatment with Dr. Wing I could feel the pain literally disappear.”

Melanie Long

“Just 2 visits and wish I could see Dr Wing everyday. Even my son who wants to be a M.D. was blown away. Instant relief, it’s just amazing. Found Dr. Wing on groupon and am glad I experienced Chinese Acupuncture with him.”

Frank Moreno

“Visited Dr Wing for nagging jaw pain. Was able to get immediate relief upon 1 visit. The week following I experienced a significant reduction in pain, slept better, and my overall well being improved. I am seeing him again today and will continue to see him well after the problem is resolved for continued health. This was the first time I have ever tried acupuncture and I am really impressed with the results.”

Yogagirl Parrish
“When I went to Dr. Randy Wing for acupuncture treatment I was in pain 24/7, unable to function or do daily tasks and I stayed in bed because if I could sleep it was the only time I had any relief. Dr. Wing listened to all my concerns and addressed these right away. I noticed huge relief after 3 treatments and after 5 I am now not only able to function, I am back to exercising and able to do some work. The big relief is that I am not constantly thinking about the pain. If you’re experiencing pain of any kind and this is disrupting your life I highly recomend Dr. Wing’s acupuncture treatment. Sincerely, Susan Sweeney Bain ”
Ed Bain

“Dr. Wing is professional, informative and courteous. My acupuncture treatment had positive results for my plantar fasciitis , which is now a distant memory. Thank you Dr. Wing ! ”

Lois Welsh
“Dr. Wing is professional, informative and courteous. My acupuncture treatment had positive results for my plantar fasciitis , which is now a distant memory. Thank you Dr. Wing ! ”
Lois Welsh
“Dr. Wing is AMAZING I can’t even begin to explain the disbelief of how fast he fixed my shoulder pain. It’s been plaguing me for MONTHS. And in one shot with one needle bingo bango pain gone. It’s kind of freaky because I got so used to the pain being there that now with it not being there it’s weirding me out this guy’s amazing for real.”
Anthony Aires

“I met Dr. Wing through a Groupon I purchased. I was very nervous at my initial call to schedule but really needed to try SOMETHING other than medications for my migraines which I was suffering through several times a month. Dr. Wing was very kind and patient with me which put me at ease with the acupuncture procedure. With Dr. Wing and his acupuncture techniques, I can say that I’ve moved off of medications to acupuncture, breathing techniques and some “Chinese headache BBs” which Dr. Wing allowed me to try during my most painful times. I’m very happy with his services and would encourage anyone else experiencing aches and pains to seek Dr. Wing’s treatments!.”

Jill Ramirez

“I had been searching for a Holistic Medicine Practitioner near my home in Cape Coral and happened to find Dr. Wing. I decided to take my daughter in for treatment and was very impressed with how Dr. Wing listened and got to the root cause of her medical issues. Dr. Wing is my go to Doctor for any Traditional Chinese Medicine ”

Bridgette Morceau

“Dr. Wing is a wonderful doctor. I saw him for a pinched nerve in my shoulder. My first visit made a huge difference right away. It was an amazing experience. After 2 more visits I was cured. He is very considerate and will answer any questions. I was so impressed as well as my husband was impressed, he is actually going to him and that is HUGE! I have shared my story with many. I am just so happy with the outcome. And I have learned a lot about acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I thank you very much Dr. Wing.”

Daryl Ann Lemon

“I have never had acupuncture before having a very serious pinched nerve in my spine that my medical doctor wanted to send me to a Neuro Surgeon. I have very severe RA all over my body. Spinal Stenosis, Osteo Arthrits, bulging discs and I could not move both my arms and my left arm was in severe pain. I do not want to have back or neck surgery. I had an email with a groupon for Cape Coral Acupuncture Clinic and thought let me call first to see If I was a candidate. I called and spoke to Randy Wing directly told him of my problem and he told me he could help. I went ahead purchased the groupon for the consult and initial treatment and 2 follow up treatments. I went 2 days later and walked out of that office with a better range of motion than what I had when I walked in. I was nearly back to normal by that 3rd groupon visit. I have now moved on to treating my other problems with Randy on a weekly basis and I have never felt better. My RA has shown much improvment and I find myself taking much less pain medication and I know it is due to Randy’s help. He knows what he is doing! I find it very relaxing and enjoy the hour I spend in the office meditating to the calming music relaxing while having my weekly treatments. I highly recommend Randy , He has helped me so much!!!”

Donna Zilber
“Doctor Randy is a real pleasure to deal with. I was very sceptical of Acupuncture and not real fond of needles. He is really helping me with my nerve damage I have from a bout with shingles from 10 years ago. I have to take medication daily for the rest of my life and he has made a dramatic improvement in my pain. He also is working on the pain in my neck, from a work accident from many years ago. I find it amazing that with 2 little needles placed in my hand area he almost completely eliminated my pain. He is like a real good friend. ”
Ron Farr

“I had arthritic pain in my shoulder that kept me from lifting my arms from above 90 degrees. After 10 treatments with Dr. Wing my arthritis was completely cured. For ten years now I have had no arthritic pain in my shoulders. I’m amazed.!”

John Shelhamer

“Professional healing and consultation. Dr. Wing is very professional and experienced. I highly recommend his services.”

Christa Dillon

“After suffering 9-10 months with a frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) and going to countless physio therapy sessions, massage treatments and shock treatments, finally I found something that worked for me! The medical professionals told me to live with it and take inflammatory drugs and it will resolve itsellf in 18-24 months!

Being desperate, I tried Chinese medicine/ accupuncture administered by Dr. Randall Wing in Cape Coral, FL.
After only 3 treatments, I felt significant relief and improvement and was convinced that this was the proper road to full recovery. Five weeks and ten sessions later, I had full range of motion in my arm and shoulder and finally pain free.

Dr. Wing is a true experienced professional and I have no hesitation in recommending him and his services to those who seek a holistic alternative.”

Peter Welke
“I was a client of Randy’s in Colorado. His knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine is deep and has been seasoned with years of very successful practice. His tailored therapy helped me with my initial ailment and a maintenance program helped me stay balanced over ten years. I highly recommend Randy and what his practice of TCM has to offer. ”
G Stump
“Dr. Wing’s acupuncture treatments resolved issues that I could not resolvewith medication or other therapies. I am now on a sustainment program that has improved and maintained the quality of my life for over ten years. Highly recommend”
From gs
“After years of back pain and muscle spasms I went to Dr. Wing even though I doubted acupuncture would be my solution. I am now pain/’spasm free and continue to see Dr. Wing regularly…..JUST FOR THE HEALTH OF IT!”

“I am totally sold! Great ‘bedside manner’ and skilled treatment with fast results! I would recommend Dr. Wing to EVERYONE who wants to get rid of pain.”

“They blew me away! Dr. Wing Care exceptional. I have been to many acupuncturists before and they are among the very best. Go to them with confidence. 5 stars!”

“Dr. Wing has years of experience caring for his patients. It showed in his deliberate attention to my needs when I was having difficulty with not sleeping well and job/life stress. He is compassionate and has wonderful office staff to assist you. I felt much better after following his recommendations and treatments. I highly recommend him.”

Joyce Graham

“I highly recommend Dr. Randel Wing as the ‘top doc’ in Colorado Springs for acupuncture treatment. Dr. Wing has been practicing his trade for over 20 years (actually studied in China) and is passionate about helping others. I have seen many doctors over the years and have found that a good doctor is hard to find. I credit Dr. Wing for my rapid recovery after brain surgery and believe his treatments have kept me healthy (while everyone around me gets sick.) I can honestly say that I have not had a cold or flu since receiving his treatments (over 2 years). I have him as my preventive care doc and he is a really nice person.”

“I recently started seeing Dr. Wing and really like him! I was a little bit skeptical about acupuncture but only because I knew nothing about it. I have a multitude of problems, but I’m mainly seeing him for hormonal and thyroid issues. I like that he is thorough and wants to know everything that you are experiencing and feeling. The biggest change I’ve seen so far is that I’m sleeping through the night and falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. It’s been about 6 years since I’ve had a good nights sleep! I know that sleep is a very important part of the cycle and am happy that I’m getting some results quickly. I sleep like a rock after the 1st treatment plan and it has just continued. The only thing about acupuncture is that you have to give it some time, one treatment will not fix you on the spot. It will help after the first time, but it will take some time, so please be patient. Try him, I promise you’ll be happy!”
COS mom